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Social media has become a phenomenon in today’s era. It has overcome all other media forms including electronic and print forms. Social media has extended influence to every prospect of daily life activities including sales and marketing. Retailers no more rely only on television ads or magazine covers. Social Media has become a significant tool to attract customers and boost sales. It added a new color in traditional sales, connecting brands with plausible customers and establishing a relationship of trust using value-laden resources.

         Presence on social media creates awareness regarding the brands, their products, their quality, and their uniqueness. With the right kind of strategic employment of Social media in sales, your brand will be at the forefront of your ideal customer’s mind, paving its way to online as well as retail sales.

Identify the Target Audience:

Social media enables you to analyze the target audience. By analyzing the profiles of the customers that follow the brand’s page and the common characteristics of those profiles one can infer what sort of customers are attracted to their products. In addition to this, through advertisement features of certain platforms, the ads of such brands can appear on the feed of the target audience that creates a desire of buying in them.


Each platform has its unique abilities and challenges. Different platforms attract different kinds of customers. However, it also depends on the search history of the users.

  • Facebook: It is the biggest social networking site for reaching customers. Due to increased marketing competition, the organic search no more works the way it used to. Henceforth, you have to pay for Facebook advertisement features for effective marketing. The addition of a shop now button to your page would able the customers to directly order the product that attracted their attention in the ad. Facebook covers a variety of niche brands from clothing to techs and real states.
  • Twitter: Although Twitter does not allow much description, the attachment of a direct link to the landing website and the addition of pictures of the product makes it a lucrative platform for marketing and boosting sales. You can also ask the viewers to retweet it. It is a platform for big brands mostly. Furthermore, technological and real state ads can found more public interest on Twitter.
  • Instagram: Instagram has become a game-changer in the field of marketing and sales. But it requires good quality content. Being a photo-centric platform, the pictures posted on the Instagram account should be clear and of high quality. Blurry or low-quality pictures would not work well here. Instagram is your chance to get creative. The more creative your presentation is, the more number of sales it will ensure.

The only problem with this platform is that you cannot add links with each post except in bio or comments. However, it has recently also included the “Shop Now” feature as well.

The clothing, makeup, and shoe brands are mostly found on Instagram. It has provided with multiple startups to grow. People are earning solely through their online business on Instagram.

Social Media provide a number of ways to create an urge of need in customers that can in turn provides a boost to sales. Here are some smart ideas to achieve this goal.

  • Use Hashtags:

Create and use distinctive hashtags that make you stand out from other brands. Use these hashtags repeatedly with minor variations. Moreover, on special occasions use the names of these occasions in your hashtags. For example, #Blessedfridaysale #blessedfridaywithElanetc. It will bring more number of visitors to your online store or page. If they like products on your page, they might visit your retail store as well. The more influx of costumers gives a good boost to sales.

  • Flash Sale:

Announce a flash sale on your page that is coming soon. Put them on your social media platforms and stories. As the sale is ought to be for a short time, people would keep on visiting your page so that they do not miss the deal. Thus, when the flash sale is on, the traffic would merge out of all directions.

  •  Include Pins:

Create pins for individual products. Each of these Pins should contain a photo of the product, as well as a link to its product page. You can also arrange these pins on boards. It would let you keep the track of your account and let the customers browse through the various products easily. Pinterest also helps users narrow their searches down with additional keywords based on their original search. In this way, your product may also appear in a google search of related products.

  • Free Shipping:

In recent times, there is an increasing trend of online shopping. People staying at home tend to shop from home more. However, people consider the shipping cost as an extra burden. Hence, the inclusion of free delivery can be a lucrative offer. If you add an offer that followers your brand page would get free shipping, it will bring a flood of followers and likes along with increased sales.

  • Free Giveaway:

The free giveaway is an industrious strategy to increase number of followers these days. Put a promotion post of a giveaway with a deadline and certain rules to follow. Make a valuable gift offer for the winner of this giveaway. This will not only increase a good number of followers but also sales as they would visit the products on page more.

  • Try Launchrock

This may be new for some, Launchrock is a site that builds hype for soon-to-launch products, websites, and even sales. It integrates with your social media accounts automatically and can bring a whole new level of exposure to any campaign you run.

         Social media has revolutionized the sales and marketing industry. Through various marketing techniques, it lets you approach a wide range of audiences, build a report and establish a healthy relationship with a related audience. Hence, it provides a healthy boost to sales.