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Black Hat SEO refers to a set of techniques that involves risky procedures to increase the SEO ranking of your website. It includes things that may violate the terms and services of most search engines. 

The use of Black Hat techniques is strictly unethical and should be avoided at all costs. Such methods are used by people who are always looking for shortcuts in life for quick success. They do not want to work hard to achieve their goal. 

Sometimes it is a lack of awareness of the user that leads him into the use of such techniques. Here is a complete guide to help to avoid the use of any illegal practice to increase your sales because it is just not worth investing in long-term benefits. 

Right Integration of Keywords: 

Using keywords wisely is one of the most important aspects of SEO. However, you should specifically avoid stuffing your webpage blindly with a shit load of keywords. All the keywords should be intelligently placed where they make complete sense for the readers and do not look odd. Refrain from using the same keyword on and on again in one paragraph. It just does not look sensible at all. Stuffing of the keyboard is considered an unethical practice under Google’s ranking guidelines. The ideal keyword density in your content should be around 3% at the max. Above this, it is a territory you should not enter. Also, avoid entering an irrelevant keyword in your content just to increase the SEO. 

Zero Content Plagiarism: 

Plagiarism of the content should be avoided at all costs. If you cannot write good content yourself, hire the services of competent freelance writers who can write excellent material for you on demand. It will not cost you much either. However, if you feel the need to copy some content, give the reference to the original content to avoid any plagiarism issue. Article spinning is also an ethical practice. It involves rewriting the content of others with minimal changes, so it does not come under plagiarism. All of this can be avoided by writing good quality content yourself or have it written for you specifically. 

 Avoid Cloaking:

Do not involve yourself in cloaking. Cloaking refers to the use of totally different keywords and content than what Is on the original site. It will catch the user's attention, and as soon as he clicks on it, he will be redirected to a whole new page. To avoid this, focus on creating a compelling user experience journey from the moment a user clicks on your website from the search engine to browse your website. 

Stay Away from Buying and Selling of Links:

Buying and selling links is strictly prohibited as the user policy of the search engines. Hyperlinks are used by people to connect with one another. Such kind of trading must be avoided. You can ask your clients for a product review, but you can not ask them for links in exchange. 

Enter Structured Data:

Entering the structured data on your website can help you boost your SEO ranking. But there are some techniques that involve structuring the data in such a way that it shows fake catchy content in the search engine while nothing as such exists on the original website. In case you do not know much about correctly structures data, you can follow the guidelines provided by Google in regard to avoiding Black Hat SEO.

DO not spam comments:

You all have seen spam comments by various users on social networks and in the comments section of some blogs. It is considered as a cheap and effective way of earning back clicks at a rapid pace. As an owner, avoid stuffing comments of the posts with links to your website because, even if you are a genuine person, this comes under Black Hat SEO and might lead to a ban from the community for spamming. 

Stop Hiding Text and Links:

Multiple techniques are used to hide texts and links within the content to get more clicks. The hidden content has the same color as the background with zero opacity, or the font size is set to zero. Most of the search engines have now discovered all the techniques, and they effectively identify such practices. One should keep away from doing such things. 

Do not automate the content.

Automation of the content might look lucrative and easy at first, but it is going to damage your reputation beyond the repairable state. Automation means using online tools that generate content for you and publish it without you making an effort for it. It looks good at first, but the customer can easily spot automated content from a genuine one. It will earn you clicks at the start, but they will not keep up. Write your content yourself. 

Stop encouraging fake reviews.

Once you start selling, there are going to be customer’s reviews on the items sold. It is easy to differentiate between a fake and a genuine review. Avoid publishing fake 5-star reviews of the product just in order to improve the SEO ranking of your profile. It will hurt you in the long term. You will lose all the trust if you get caught. Always post genuine reviews only. 

 Automated Queries

Sometimes, people use bots to send automated queries to Google to increase the number of searches of a specific keyword their content has. It is considered illegal, and Google has a way of identifying such acts. Such acts should be avoided even manually. 


Optimizing your website for SEO is an essential thing to boost your business, but the use of the Black Hat Technique to achieve quick success is not recommended at all. The White Hat SEO strategy should be your priority. All your hard work will pay off in the long run. Avoid Black Hat SEO techniques for your own good.