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The biggest problem in starting an online eCommerce business is choosing the right niche or the right product to sell. There are tons of products available in the market looking for potential investors. How can you choose the right product to sell online that can make you more money in this mess? Well, you are not the only one thinking about this. Many new sellers are facing the same issue to find the right profitable domain. 

IF you think the ideal product you want to be selling should be in high demand, substantial profit margin, and fewer people are being sold. The following are some good tips for you if you want to make it big in this fierce competition.

·        Take help from the available tools.

Let’s face this. There is a lot of competition in the online market. A similar question has been baffling people for a long time. As a quick solution, various tools such as Jungle Scout available on the internet use complicated algorithms and bots to find out products that have low competition and high demand in seconds. 

It can help you find different product ideas and check how many competitors are currently selling them. That way, you will quickly know what your chance of success is here. The inbuilt niche finder can help you discovered low competition niche markets. As a beginner looking for a niche, this tool is like a dream come true. It can save a lot of your time. 

·        Manual Product Research

Searching through a tool sounds good, but you can improve the results by performing well-directed and detailed research yourself. You can search for the different products under their category. The listings are usually provided to let you know what products are selling better than the others. Such information can help you a lot in finalizing a niche if you have not done that yet.

Once you have decided on a particular product to sell, a Google keyword planner can be of use. It will help you determine whether the product you have chosen is in-demand currently or not. Google decides this based on trends being followed all over the world, so the data is far from being unreliable, to say the least. 

·        Do not decide based on personal likes and dislikes.

This is a significant thing to take care of. We become uncontrollably biased if given a choice between choosing something that we like and something that we don’t. Even if the thing we dislike is overall a better product, do not make this mistake while choosing a low competition product to sell. 

Do your complete research and decide on the basis of the results you gather. 

·        Effective Use of Social Media

Nowadays, you can find pretty much everything on social media. From the news to entertainment to online selling stores, everything is available there. Use this fact wisely to your advantage. You can learn about trending and best-selling products in various online communities such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, etc. Look around yourself and see what is in demand with the general public. Explore the worldwide trends to know more about fashion items. The right approach towards research can land you a vast amount of ideas to choose from. 

·        Make use of existing markets.

Although a hard task, this can prove much beneficial if it is appropriately managed. Markets exist, and they are offering a wide range of products to consumers. But they are not perfect. They need improvement in various perspectives. All you need to do is identify the market most vulnerable to the change and then try to offer a changed scenario to attract the available customer base. Try to follow the same trends that are popular for a better sale. If executed properly, this can make you set up a store almost instantaneously compared to the other techniques. 

·        Look for the keywords.

Google Trends or Amazon Search Bar can be used to explore the widely searched keywords all over the world. It would give you a clear idea of what is currently popular in the world. Use those keywords to perform the search and see the products that come as a result. If you do not find an appropriate product coming as a result of the searched keyword, it is your chance to enter the market and offer that product. This can help in finding the unconventional and untouched markets to win over. 

·        Reach out to the suppliers

Sometimes you are not getting the desired results out of your extensive online research. But you do not need to worry much as there is yet another way for you to find the right niche. Contact the suppliers directly. Anyone can easily find out the latest trends in the first. Select the top few and try to contact their suppliers directly and ask them for information. Suppliers will have no issue in telling the market trends as it is they who are benefitting the most in the end. They will let you know about the low competition and in-demand products. It will ease your decision-making process. 


Finding the right product to sell is not a quick process. It will consume a lot of energy and time. Do not keep yourself limited to one strategy only. Hop on from one approach to the other till you find the perfect solution. The right implementation of the ideas mentioned above is very important. It is a complicated process, but we have set out the outline for you, and the path should be now crystal clear ahead. You will set up your store with the right products 

in no time if you follow all the tips effectively.