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Name is the first introduction of anyone. So is the case in the field of business as well. A cool, alluring, and strong business name is the first step towards a successful business. Marty Neumeier emphasized the importance of the name of the e-commerce site in The Brand Gap. She writes, “The right name can be a brand’s most valuable asset, driving differentiation and speeding acceptance. The wrong name can cost millions... in workarounds and lost income over the lifetime of the brand.”

Henceforth, it is important to have the perfect business name for your eCommerce store to have a distinctive position in the competitive market. The marketing consultation companies charge thousands of dollars for creating a cool business name. But we have jotted down some tips through which you can create your own plausible perfect name.

Four-Steps to Name:

This four-step guide would help you to get an initial hand on the name.

  • Brainstorming:

Take a pen and paper and write down all the name ideas coming to your mind. Think of names that show the ease and convenience of modern e-commerce stores. Think of trendy and classy names that can elaborate your business.

  •  Shortlist the names:

The second step is to remove the names that are long, difficult to pronounce or spell, and hard to remember. Also, try to use culture-specific names if your business covers the local market. Make a list of the names that sound trendy show the name of a credible brand, is easy on the tongue and can be remembered without making the extra effort. You can use the following checklist to shortlist your ideas:

  1.  Is the name easy to speak and remember?
  2. Is the name convey intended meaning?
  3.  Is the name unique or atypical?
  4.  Is the name not complex?
  • Get feedback:

Now select three to five names and ask for feedback. The feedback should be sought from the potential customers or from those who are working in this field. Ask the following questions:

  1. How does this name sound to you?
  2. What first comes to your mind after listening to the name?
  3. Will, you be able to remember it later?
  4. Can you spell it?

Keep feedback perform with you and thoroughly scrutinize the responses. After thorough analysis and discussion with your partners, select at least three names that seem fittest.

  • Check the availability:

After you have selected the names, check that whether they are available or not. You can do a quick Business Name Search online to find out if your desired name is available within your country/state, also be sure to search if the name is also available for Trademark and Domain name Registration.

Tips for choosing a good name:

The given steps can provide you with a systematic approach to get a name. However, deciding a name for the e-commerce business is not as easy as described above. It is a complex process with several reconsiderations and revisions. Following tips could be handy while reaching a good name:

  •  Simple and Short Name:

As mentioned above, the name should be short and simple. To get on such a name following strategies could help.

  1. Make a name by combining different short words that may rhyme or have assonance for example Snapdeal.
  2. Make new words by twisting existing ones like Google or Twitter are not real words but derived ones.
  3. A good acronym of your name or names of partners of business can be used. As JBL, a speaker company is named after its founder James Bullough Lansing.


  • Competitor Analysis:

Carry out a thorough competitor analysis of the names of the brands and stores in a similar niche. Try to figure out how their names work for them and what sort of names are employed by most of them. Try to come up with something different so that your business does not seem like “just another one of those businesses”.

  • Get your online presence:

After checking the availability of the desired names, select the one that is not taken up by anyone previously. This may be thought-consuming and painstaking but is worthy. It is because it is the name and domain of your brand that would be its passport in the digital world.

If you intend to sell on bigger marketplaces like Alibaba or buy, try to check the availability of the domain on those sites. So that it cannot bear customers any confusion.

If your desired domain such as .com is not available try some other TLDs such .ly domain. You can have a .com domain once your business becomes successful. Other such options are .store and .shop.

  • Think out of the box:

If you are not having any worthy idea from your environment, think of some other sources. You may look into the first motivation that strikes you to do this business. You can also look in other languages for inspiration or that one word that represents your thought. Discuss with your peers or those who have experience in the industry.

  • Get your patent:

When you are done with the finicky task of deciding a name, get yourself the rights of the name. So that it remains yours and no one else could use it. You may consult a lawyer or consultation firm for it. You can also visit the relevant state department dealing with business or intellectual property rights.


         Finding the right name for your e-commerce business is a tiresome task. It requires thorough scrutiny and in-depth research to finalize a cool business name that is relevant as well. But it is necessary to put your time and thought into this process as this is going to be the face of your brand. Your brand would be recognized and remembered by this name.