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Starting an online business has never been easy, especially in 2020. It’s not a road filled with glitz and glam shown to us in the movies; instead, it’s a stressing time and a rocky terrain. Soon after the idea of launching an online dropshipping business, we are going to have to come across the puzzle of finding the perfect product niche that is going to generate the desired revenue. For this purpose, we have written this article to help you choose the best and most profitable niche to sell online by following the steps described as follows. 


1- Find products that people are passionate about:

This is the most crucial part of selecting your niche product. A majority of people are willing to spend a lot of money on the products that they are passionate about. For instance, bodybuilders are really passionate about gym equipment and energy formulas. We all know how expensive this stuff can get; still, we can see every other person in the gym holding a protein shake or chugging an energy formula. It can solve a whole lot of your problems if you choose the right product that the people are passionate about at the right time.

2- Pick the products that are hard to find locally:

This is another vital point. What if someone needed a data cable or a laptop charger? She would drive to the local tech shop in town to buy the items. But what if she needed a leather iPod case? Where would she find it? Probably online. Pick a product that is hard to find locally to increase its demand and attract a lot of customers. Selecting this type of niche product and adapting your store’s or website’s environment accordingly can serve to be an accelerant in your business’s success. People get attracted to glamour. Give that glamour touch of hard to get, and your customers are very likely to increase. 

3- Find products that help to solve problems: 

Although the customers will spend on the products they are passionate about, the outcome would still be useless if it does not solve their problems and fulfill their needs. Most successful businesses have been started on matters of solving simple problems. It was the solution to those problems that led to the initiation of these businesses. While choosing a niche product, it is essential to reflect on the issues in your own life and pinpoint those mutual problems to you and your customers.

4- Start with what you know:

While selecting a product niche, it is essential to start with what you know. You probably have experienced in your life how many of us are driven towards certain kinds of products to maintain our lifestyle. This is a practical age; people depend on machines and products. Finding out when and how people depend on what kinds of products can surely prove to be helpful. Start with your experiences and what you have learned in the past years of your life. Remember that you don’t need to be an expert to do this; just use your experience and imagination. 

5- See what products are selling:

It is quite essential to be aware of the online market and to make sure that you are stocked with the right products. Trends in the eCommerce market are always fluctuating. You have to be aware of the products that have the potential of selling, timing matters. To check this, we have to see what products are selling in the market. We can do this by using Google trends or Amazon.

6- Trends on social media: 

When used correctly and efficiently, social media can prove to help accelerate your business growth exponentially. This simply can be done by staying aware of the recent trends in the market through these social media. The sole purpose of these social sites is to connect people, and when all these people are joined together to discuss various trends of various products, that can be a useful source of crucial information regarding product trends and demands. Most businesses carry out their advertisements through social media, which is an excellent method to increase awareness about your products among the masses. 

7- Look for competition: 

It is highly likely that most websites and blogs will urge readers to stay away from the competition by choosing a niche that is highly unpopular and alternative. This advice can prove to be fatal to your business. If you face no competition for your niche product, this means that either your product is not selling well online or the audience does not want your product. Choosing a niche product that has competition in the market is a good step, and it will help your business grow. Although stay aware that choosing a niche that has a lot of audience and competition can also be fatal. 

8- Find what makes you different:

If you have chosen a niche product that has moderate competition, you still have to make your business unique and distinct in the eyes of the customer. It is completely possible that within a niche market, customers aren’t being answered to or the product quality is low and whatnot. This makes the customers hesitant and open to alternatives, and that is when they will come to you. You have to give them something different that will make them stay loyal. 

9- Find a niche that you are interested in:

Selecting a niche product that only appeals to the customers are only half of the answer; you have to make sure that the selected product interests you too. Remember that you are going to have to spend a lot of time reading, writing, reviewing, and studying that product. Make sure that after spending this much time studying the product, you don’t end up getting bored. 



A profitable niche can help you earn a steady income, but that should not be enough for you. Striving hard to stand up among your competition should be your goal. Although success is not guaranteed, still following the above steps can give you a head start. Of course, choosing the right product is not enough, and you have to follow a lot of other steps to get your business up and running; nevertheless, selecting the right niche is an important part and can, in fact, help you succeed in some respects.