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Online selling and buying have become the norm of the day hence the massive popularity for its exceptionally fast delivery and convenience buying. With market saturation and higher competition, people have started taking their products and services to social media specifically Instagram and Facebook. This discussion is meant to shed light on the subject of how people can sell on these social networking sites without actually having an independent website for their business. Keep on reading to unwind the secrets of this trade!

The crux of this entire most is that:

1.     Make your profile and write a killer bio.

2.     CreateShoppable posts

3.     Must promote your products by paid and unpaid means

4.     Carefully follow the analytics

Let’s follow this in detail.


You need a social media account and you are good to go. Not that hard right? Let’s get started!

Setting up your account

Now many people like working from Instagram and Facebook. Many more are even hungry to gain profits through the channel. The next step is writing your bio or about section. You need pictures and captions but your bio defines your goals and direction so is the very first introduction of any potential customer to your products. After creating an interesting enough profile you need to wisely use words to introduce your business in an informative yet fun way in the most limited number of words. So before you come up with the final version of what you are going to write we suggest you do a little brainstorming and then go ahead. Also, add your contact information to your bio so you can be instantly contacted.

The game of feed

We know you are a novice at it so in plain terms this is what you need to do: since you are selling products you must feature them first. This does not imply that you take boring pictures with boring captions over your feed. Instead, make it interesting by the following:

1.     Customer having a go with your products

2.     Innovation: people having fun in the presence of your product

3.     Background: narrate to the public how your product is made to grab their attention.

4.     Inventive picture: the pictures you post of your products must be exceptional, gorgeous, and absolutely high definition.

5.     Handsome use of flat-lay-photo-style.


What you post on your newsfeed is the first step to answer the question of how to sell on Instagram. Firstly you need to find all the shoppable posts on Instagram. This is due to the reason that you can look into what is trending. Posts like Shopify and WooCommerce have made purchasing so convenient for customers that they don’t have to leave the site. Captioning your posts intelligently and attractively will definitely get you sales. For instance, captioning “comment to buy” can get your comments from the interested customers and you can directly contact them for their bank and shipping information. You may then send them the invoice for the payment. Once that is done, you can ship them the product. Easy, no?

Another way to approach selling through Instagram is by using online tools, the ones that help you send out emails automatically to interested buyers by sharing your keyword. This is done only when your customers are registered with you. This is very convenient and better than placing orders on the website because it is time-saving.


You need to add a simple method of payment to your account. Sending appropriately priced offers to your customers is necessary to make the purchase simple and effective. If you are already selling on any online marketplace by chance, you can easily connect that with your Instagram profile and the customer would be conveniently allowed to purchase without actually having to leave the site.

Following the trends

Always keep eye on your analytics i.e. make sure which post is working how and what is being liked by your customers to function well in the business. Accessing yourself is important!


Promoting your products using ads is a good investment so you must leave out a budget for that too if you need to grow your business.

Reasons to use social media for business

There are reasons beyond this list but some of the major reasons for selling over social media are:

Your convenience

The major reason for coming to social media for sales is that it is simple. With a user-friendly site at hand, you can easily reach great heights in selling in your own niche. Moreover, it helps a seller and customer build a long-lasting relationship that leads to customer loyalty. This is often missing from traditional marketplaces.

Customer accessibility

The most interesting part of selling on social media is that there are numerous people from all around the globe and diversity means various perspectives on your work. So even if your products are not wanted by one person they would be definitely wanted by the next since a large scale population is involved in buying and selling on social media.

Secure and trustworthy

Instagram is not fraudulent hence the level of trust for the buyers is huge. This is one of the chief reasons why influencers and bloggers are able to make a living out of Instagram: because they are trusted by their followers. According to a survey, only about 3 percent of people are seen trusting a salesperson. This is huge. If you are already an influencer on Instagram or Facebook with followers in thousands you already have an upper hand over that salesperson because you are trusted by your people.

First experiences of selling on social media do not feel as scary as before after reading this post. So make sure you follow all these steps and let us know how successful you are!