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Shipping is the heart soul of any business so when it comes to dropshipping, shipping again plays an important role. Unfortunately, where shipping is concerned in online business, there are numerous drawbacks which leads to numerous headaches on part of poor retailers who have to go through a massive set of logistics, payments, and taxes to make their books right and also to have an uphill task of finding what is lost in paperwork. He issues with shipping in dropshipping are numerous. This post tends to unfold those for you to see and their solution so that you don’t have to worry about them in the future.

Delay in delivery

Delayed delivery is surely one of the most commonly found problems in dropshipping. Multiple causes exist for this issue both internal and external. The external delays have causes like:

1.     Poor weather conditions

2.     Heavy traffic

3.     Delivery vehicle issues etc

These issues are totally out of your reach to solve and dependent upon some third party. There are bigger companies such as Amazon which are moving towards more no traditional solutions. Like delivery drones. In the current situation, they are not practical so the better option is to inform your customers as soon as you get the information so that they are aware of the delay and do not pin their hopes on it. 

Meanwhile, internal delays are concerned with the business owner himself. For example, you may package the items without the need for any customizations. It would simply be quicker to hand over this package as the shipment. Even if the consignment is for international delivery you can always manage it by keeping all the necessary paperwork ready beforehand, this includes custom documents. The custom documents should be up to date or else it might pose a problem. Faulty customs clarification may cause incorrect licenses that may eventually result in the shipment being confiscated by the police or higher authorities.

The presence of perishable items in a shipment is also subjected to damages so in this regard to the package details should be mentioned in black and white to avoid having any issues later on.

Faulty tracking information

Nowadays there are tracking numbers that are computer system generated and are to be allotted only to their respective orders. But many store owners are involved in preparing and printing the shipping labels, manually. This imperative procedure includes human resource input and so is liable to a fault. One of the most commonly occurring issues is due to the faulty tracking information. This is worst for both the online store owner and customer for both have in mind the arrival of the shipment at a certain date.


There are many ways to rectify this problem. For numerous company users in this regard, there are shipping carrier plugins that are used to handle the end-to-end shipment. Taking the instance of WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping with Tracking, it offers a gradual shipment tracking experience. Using, it store owners can actually automatically share the tracking information with their customers by way of emails. In this scenario, if you have bulk orders, you can always format CSV file where you can pen down all the tracking details for the orders and later upload them to your website.


There are usually experiences when customers refuse to pay and order return activity occurs. Multiple reasons exist for this however following three can be the most common ones:

1.     Wrong purchase made

2.     Damaged item received

3.     Product not required anymore


In order to end this issue, you need to form a minimum COD eligible order limit and charge money to your customers for every return. This step is essential, as it will reduce the damage imposed on your total revenue.

Handling damaged goods

Online electronic stores specifically the ones which deal in-warranty products have the basic need to handle repairs. Your customers may request you to mend their damaged product, and for that, your customer would need to ship that item to you. This means he or she has to initiate the shipment and then send it to the shipping carrier. This is not a good practice, as the customer has to work on this, which he or she might not be acquiescent with.


Fortunately, there is a way around it. Some shipping plugins like the one mentioned earlier deliver the “return label feature”. By using this, store owners can send a return shipment request to the respective shipping carrier. Surely after that, your customer just has to return the product to the pickup agent and the item will be shipped back to your store/repair Centre. This will end all your worries regarding this issue.

Incompetent management

The situation gets even worse to interpret when you are faced with an incompetent order management system. Not merely that, the odds of missing order rises when you have a massive warehouse. In addition to this deal with a huge number of orders every single day. In addition to this, if you ship your products using any third-party shipping carriers then you will definitely have to contact the corresponding authorities in order to find the particular order. And if you are unfortunate enough, then a complete investigation may take days or in some cases even weeks.


In order to stop this from happening, you need to be in contact with your delivery agent. Good shipping companies are indeed a breath of fresh air in this regard, for instance, some good WooCommerce shipping plugins provide live shipment tracking. This feature, overall, has numerous essential order status checkpoints. Both store owners and the shipping carrier will be made aware of the order status whenever it crosses a checkpoint. This way if the order is out-of-place or lost, the shipping companies can assist store owners in tracking their package. 

So even if such issues occur in shipping in dropshipping these are rectifiable by means of the solutions given above.