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What is best thing about non-traditional selling? It is done independently or through easy to use marketplaces. This post is intended towards learning the trade of selling through either your personal website or conveniently a marketplace such as Facebook. Want to know more? Well here’s what we have for you:

·        Selling on own website

·        Selling on a marketplace

·        Best marketplaces 2020

Selling on own website

Find hosting

The first step is choosing a hosting. Be careful with choosing the type of hosting compatible to your business as well as with ecommerce software that supplies shopping cart and checkout functionality. You need a provider can have ecommerce options. Best is that you geta web hosting plan which offers the level of security needed for purchase?

Domain and registration

Next you need to find and register your domain. The pointer here is that you choose such keywords in registering your domain that are relevant to your product hence making your registered name Seo optimized.

Website designing

After that you need to get your website designed. For this purpose you can either design it yourself or hire a professional graphic designer. The latter is expensive so if you do want to design your own website you can always make use of tools available online.

SSL certification: wanted

You need to get your website SSL certified. What is that? well that is the small lock icon that appears at left corner of your web address. It is the authentication that the site is safe and you can put in your financial details without being worried. So it is a must have for your customers who can than trust your site for secure payment purposes.

You need a merchant account

Next there is setting up of your merchant account. Merchant account is necessary for online payment processing as it is a business bank account for online sellers.

Setting the price right

Now comes the most important and primary step: deciding the price. Now it is important that you present the right price to your customers. Too high and they will resort to your competitors, too low and you will have no profit. You must note own all your expenses and the total budget you reserved for the startup, add a little to it and sell.

Visuals and content

Next up is high definition photographs of your products that not only give all visual details regarding your product but also keep your customer attentive through visual appeal. Remember photos are not enough so you need a content writer to write best sale copy that can officially introduce your product and company to the potential buyers.

The Shipping plan

Then comes the turn of packing and shipping. Think of a way that is convenient and cheaper to your business.

Adequate Promotion

Lastly, you need to promote your website. Promotion both online and offline I crucial for the growth of your business. If you truly want to see the success of your ecommerce business than you need both paid and unpaid promotion. Paid promotion might seem expensive at the beginning but it is definitely a good investment. Rest, social media is your biggest weapon in this regard, so use it wisely.

Selling on a marketplace

Selling on a website is great and has its own perks however it is not always convenient for new sellers who have resorted to online business out of budget constraints. They have to first set up a website and in most cases have to spend a little more than they thought due to many process mentioned above in setting up a website. So in this regard it is a good option to have an online market place where you can easily sell stuff. There are well reputed sites too, where you can find innumerable customers for your products. Sure these sites charge a fee and you are bound by terms and conditions but they offer you a great platform to reach out to many potential customers without having to worry about how to set up a website.

Following are a few basic steps that you need to follow while selling on an online marketplace:

Competitor product

Checking out your competitor’s product is important in order to figure out what the public demands and how other are dealing with those demands. Based on this knowledge afterwards you can carve out your own strategy.

Setting up your account

Obviously! Setting up your business account on a marketplace is what will give you access to selling and using the name of the reputed website.

Know your customer interests

Follow up the customer responses on your products. Following the complaints and unsatisfactory remarks are significant to improvement in the area that lacks what people need.

Consistent strategy

Remember making a plan is one thing and sticking to it another. Do not fall into temptations by seeing others because what worked for them is not sure to work for you too. So keep an eye on the market but develop and stick to ne independent strategy.

Put up the right price

You need to offer the ebst price. That you can only do if you have surveyed the market closely and done step one: checked out the competitor’s product.

Best marketplaces 2020

Here is the list of some of the best marketplaces in order to sell online in the year 2020:

1.     Amazon

2.     Etsy

3.     eBay

So these are the top three selling marketplaces you can turn to for online selling. Ofcourse they have different benefits and terms of conditions do you can select the one that suits you best.

So now that you have been through the novice experience of knowing step wise how selling is on website and marketplace you can now easily go ahead and let your fear of the unknown take rest as you dive into business online. Try these steps and let us know how they turn out!