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Dropshipping has emerged as a profitable business in recent days, giving you the ease of working from home and being your own boss. But it your choice of the product that is going to make or break your entire online setup. So, you need to choose the products very carefully. Knowing what to sell in your store is not a hard task at all.


By the end of this article, you would clearly know what items you should specifically avoid in your dropshipping business. 


  1. Big Products: Selling products that are bigger in size can be a big hassle as the shipping would be much complicated and liable to damages. Plus, the cost would be too high, and selling of high-cost products as a newbie is just not easy.
  2. Products with Low Reviews: If an item has no reviews, you do not need to advertise and sell it in your store. Low reviews show that customers do not put their trust in this product, and you would lose the faith of consumers by selling it. 
  3. Trademarked Products: More often, in the local market, you come across some products that have names or logos of famous companies printed on them. Specifically, avoid selling such products as they can lead you into some legal trouble once you grow some reputation. It is an illegal thing to do.
  4. Boring or Generic Product: You will find every kind of product in the market. Some feature a unique design with distinctive features, while others are just replicas of similar products and do not offer anything new. Avoid selling such generic products as it will be hard to attract customers. 
  5. Products you can not advertise on Social Media: It may seem absurd, but yes, there are specific products that you cannot promote on social media. Fake food supplements or adult medicines and products are some examples of it. Refrain from drop shipping such kinds of products that you cannot advertise openly.
  6. Counterfeit Products: Many companies produce cheap copies of the expensive original brand. They are successful at the local level due to a lack of awareness and aggressive pricing. However, dropshipping such items can land you in trouble. 
  7. Watches: Selling watches is a delicate task. Unless you do not know how to separate an original watch from a counterfeit watch, do not step your foot in this land.  
  8. The product that is wrongly advertised: Avoid selling those products that have fake descriptions or reviews. If the product does not perform as claimed in the false description, your reputation is going to be at stake. 
  9. Products with late delivery time: No matter how lucrative your pricing is, no one is going to buy from you if you are going to offer a 3- or 4-week delivery time. The use of ePacket shipping is recommended as it reduces the time of delivery for long distances. 
  10. Products with incomplete descriptions: Health products such as fitness-related items, or even beauty creams are dangerous territory. If they do not offer a complete review showing the before and after use changes, avoid them. 
  11. Product with bad photos: Pictures are the main selling point. Products with bad pictures show similar bad results in selling. 
  12. Dangerous Products: Refrain from selling hazardous products such as knives, hatchets, etc. Shipping them is also a hassle. 
  13. Fragile Products: If you are drop shipping for a client that is based far away, do not strictly deal with sensitive products. It is a big worry, and they require extreme care, which is not always guaranteed. That can result in consequences. 
  14. Products that need sizing: People will generally order without paying much attention to the size, and replacing them is a troublesome process being a drop shipper. Such products need to be avoided altogether.
  15. Electronics: Electronics are weird. They can go wrong at any instant without any prior warning, and you cannot even guess the issue. If something goes wrong with the product, it is you who has to deal with the returns. 
  16. Popular Products: Yess!! You should not be selling mainstream products because everyone else is selling them. To increase your sale, you need to offer unique products. Your product should be worth the wait and effort a customer does.  
  17. Safety Product: You do not see the quality of the product that is reaching the customer. Failure of a safety product would mean really bad for you as a drop shipper. Unless working for a big brand, do not advertise or sell any kind of safety products for the sake of your own safety. 
  18. Waterproof products: Again, the failure of a waterproof product can seriously hurt your reputation. Most cheap brands offer waterproof, but the quality is not that good. Avoid dealing with such products at all. 
  19. Very expensive items: Although it sounds reasonable that selling a costly product will earn you better profits, in case it goes wrong or the quality is not what the customer was expecting, all the burden will be on you. Honestly, at the earlier stages, do not sell too many expensive products. 
  20. Cosmetics: If you want to remain on the safe side, do not, I repeat, ever sell cosmetics. A bad cosmetic product can land you in serious trouble. Cosmetics are applied to the most sensitive part of the body,, the face. Anything goes wrong with it, and you are finding yourself in a heap of problems. Refrain from making such mistakes and avoid cosmetics altogether. 


That concludes our list of 20 products that you should avoid while drop shipping. I am sure the guide would prove to be helpful for you in the future.