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There are many advantages of drop shipping. You do not need to own a physical store or a warehouse and keep all items in stock. All you have to do is act as the front of a manufacturer and forward them all the orders you receive. Its success is dependent on effective communication between the seller and the manufacturer. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am one of the biggest advocates of the dropshipping business, but we have to look on the other side as well. We only hear from successful people with the established drop shipping business, but people who struggled in this business model rarely come to the surface. What are the reasons for failure in dropshipping? We aim to find it out in this article to stay tuned with us till the end. 

Out of Stock Items

As you do not hold the items physically in your grasp, you are unaware of the conditions at the backend. If your communication with the manufacturer is not active, the chances of selling something that is out of stock at some time are very high. It is a hard task to keep up with the availability of the item at all times. If you approve the order of a customer and later you got to know that the thing is not in stock anymore, it is going to affect your customer relations, and that person will think twice next time before ordering from you. 

Selection of the wrong niche

Selecting the right product to sell is one of the most crucial parts of a drop shipping business—a lot of thinking and research has to be put in before making a decision. Most of drop shipping businesses fail just because they lacked analysis and chose the wrong niche for the wrong market. It is necessary to target suck products that have high demand but low competition. 

Lack of patience

Though it may seem easy at first, dropshipping requires a lot of patience and hard work in order to build trust and presence in the market. Those who want early success should stay away from investing in this genre. Lack of patience leads to many drop shippers' failure, so it is highly recommended to make up your mind before you enter this domain. 

Not improvising with the changing trends.

Nowadays, people are prone to change. Every day you see a new thing trending in the market. You need to improve your products to stay in the market. It is excellent that you have one or two products that are selling very well, but you need to keep working on discovering new products and new territories to explore if you want to grow big. 

Supplier gone rogue

One of the biggest problems with a drop shipping model is that your success is hugely dependent on someone else,, the supplier. Even if you keep your end of the deal, a mess up from the supplier can jeopardize your whole business. There may be shipping problems, delay of services, out-of-stock items, lack of good quality products, bad service in claiming warranty or refunds, to say the least. Always be cautious with the reputation of your selected supplier and keep a check on all the parameters. 

Dealing inexpensive and fragile items

Dealing with inexpensive and fragile items in the drop shipping business is a big no even if you have established enough trust in the market. It looks too tempting because the profit margins are high on a single sale, but people do not realize the burden of responsibility that comes with it. Shipping of such items is a much expensive and a big hassle. You cannot ensure smooth shipping and handling process all the way. In case of any damage, the payout is huge, and it can land you in serious trouble. Until and unless your supplier is a big brand with an excellent reputation, refrain from making such decisions and stay away from such products. 

Selection of the Wrong Platform to work on

As you do not own a physical store, you would be working ideally on a selling website or operating a social media page of your store. Choosing the right platform for this will play an important role in determining the success or failure of your business. It is recommended that you should not put your entire focus on one single platform. Distribute your time and energy to advertise on multiple platforms in the relevant communities in order to generate more sales. The selection of the wrong platform to market your products will result in complete failure. 

High Pricing

When shopping online, users can easily compare the prices with similar products available on different platforms. No one is going to buy from you if your prices are higher than the others for a similar product. Try to cut on down your expenses and put up aggressive pricing to grow well in the market. 

Bad Customer Support

Realize one thing; you are surviving just because of the customers. There goes a famous saying, “Customer is always right” and it holds true everywhere. If you ensure excellent customer support service, your dropshipping business will never suffer. 

Substandard Website Layout

If your website is slow or it does not offer a smooth user experience, you are inviting failure towards you yourself. Your website represents you and your business. Consider this as an investment and create a website that looks exceptional and is easy to use.


Dropshipping is not another quick money-making scheme. It requires investments on every front to make it successful. Avoiding the above-mentioned things can help you in establishing a business for a long successful run. Your hard work is going to determine the level of success you would be achieved in this field.