BLEXZ is dedicated to improving the face of both small and large e-commerce businesses with quality, modern, and easy to handle e-commerce solution. We recognize the power of a e-commerce businesses online. We know what a great e-commerce platform can do for your online business, that’s why our team of great experts has come together to move businesses to the next level. We know everything about digital designs and you can always get your needed tools to handle your online sales on Blexz e-commerce platform. Blexz e-commerce platform is easy to customize, offering you 100% control of your content, sales, website functionality and your website look also many more. This means that with just a few clicks, your e-commerce store will be ready with everything loaded. Our experts are dynamic and well-trained in the areas of modern templates and they know how to use their expertise to position your e-commerce right in the minds of your customers.

Why People Trust Us

We offer a shoulder for small businesses looking for quality yet affordable e-commerce platform for their e-commerce business to lean on. We take the whole stress and burden that most small businesses face today by providing the best e-commerce platform to them – most of which are free and readily available to build any e-commerce business. Blexz e-commerce platform is very easy to handle and customize for everyone, which means that you don’t need the help of a website designer or developer to get your e-commerce business up and running. Also, our customers trust us because we have a massive collection feature that suite their chosen niche: e-commerce business. We keep getting constant feedbacks and referrals from our clients. We also have a fantastic customer service that looks into our client’s queries almost immediately. We understand that some of our clients may have a question, that is why our customer care agents are always available to put you through the right steps you need to take.

Our Products

BLEXZ takes months away from your e-commerce store development, helping you to create a professional-looking e-commerce store within minutes. Thanks to our perfectly-crafted e-commerce platform that are created to suit your niche online store. We are constantly adding new features, quality graphic designs to our platform that is easy to customize and tailor to your brand. So feel free to browse through our website for your e-commerce business worldwide.


"Blexz Corporation" Incorporated in Delaware Division of Corporations, United States of America. A sister concern of Blexz is also registered in Balkan Europe- Bosnia & Herzegovina under name of “Zero Syntax Ltd”.

Our Innovation

We understand that innovation is integral to the success of every business – whether small or large organization. And as e-commerce businesses grow, the need for modern features are expedient. At BLEXZ, we created e-commerce platform that catch up with the ever-changing business needs. As the need for a business to grow and improve, so is our effort to always provide best e-commerce platform on market

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Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our professionals will be happy to help you with your inquiries.