Loads of Design Options

total design control

Browse hundreds of designs, create your own and save your own library of themes to use throughout the year. From simple two-color minimalist designs to graphic-laden masterpieces. Freewebstore accommodates them all.

design features

Mobile Ready

All of our designs are mobile and tablet ready and will work on any device.

Auto GFX

Graphics are automatically added to new, sale or popular products to increase product visibility.

Image Editor

Use our online image editor to touch up product images or create your sales banners.

Switch Designs

Fancy a change? Switch to our latest and greatest designs at the click of a button

Theme Editor

Have complete control over the look and feel of your store design with our powerful and easy-to-use Theme Editor.

Google Maps

Add stunning Google Maps to your store pages to help users find you. Directions & Street View enabled.


Create stunning high-res slideshows for your store homepage and link to products/ sales.

Design Library

Save seasonal themes for your store in your very own design library

New Designs

Freewebstore designs are launched all the time to keep up with the latest trends and technological advances.

Social Media

Connect your store to all of your social media channels with Social Media Icons embedded into every page.

Create Pages

Add your own pages to your store to provide more content for your shoppers and the search engines. Content is king!

Logos & Banners

Ensure your brand sparkles by adding your own logo. Add promotional banners to your store to help promote your special offers.

"If you can't work out how to use the Freewebstore

control panel I don't think you should own a computer!"

management features

Easy as 1-2-3

Freewebstore has been built from the ground up to be as easy as possible. The stores are feature packed and managing them is as easy as 1-2-3!

Low Stock Alerts

Create alerts to yourself to re-order popular products when they reach a certain stock level. Never run out of stock again!

Related Products

Two products that are regularly bought together can be linked visually for the shopper. Proven sales technique to boost your bottom line.

Instant Updates

You have real-time control over your store. Stay ahead of the game and react quickly to changing shopper trends or market forces.

Automatic Stock

Stock is managed for you. Simply tell us how much stock you have and we take care of the rest.

Access anywhere

You can access and manage your store from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access!

Re-stock reminders

Shoppers can ask to be notified when a popular product comes back into stock. Maximise sales even when the item is out of stock

Order Dispatch

You can send dispatch emails to your shoppers as and when you process their order. This helps keep the shopper happy as they know the goods are on their way.

cart features

SSL 256bit Secured

Your shoppers will feel safe and secure with our industry standard SHA256 encryption.

Side by Side Checkout

Keep your conversions high with our simple checkout experience. No lengthy forms here!

Flexible Shipping Rules

Take the headache out of shopping with our flexible rule system. Just set your limits and a cost for shipping and away you go!

All major Cards

No matter how your customer wants to pay, we can accommodate! Our extensive checkout options cater for everyone.

Offline Payments

Add offline payments such as: Cash on Delivery, Pay by Check, Bank Transfers, Invoice Payment, Credit Account and more.

20+ Gateways

Supporting over 20 different merchant providers, whatever your needs, we're integrated with a checkout that can provide.

Never lose a sale

abandoned carts

Increase sales by contacting those customers who got away. We will give you access to your abandoned carts. You will be able to see full customer details and the contents of their basket. Use this data to claw back valuable lost sales.

marketing features

Product Search

Be sure your customers find exactly what they are looking for with our powerful product search algorithm.

Store Blogs

Publish your own store blogs to boost your SEO ranking and increase your shopper engagement.

Domains (Multiple)

Whether you are bringing your own or want to purchase a brand new one, attaching a domain name to your store is child's play.

User Feedback

Collect details where your customers heard about your store. Use the gathered information to identify where to market your store.

Product Reviews

Let everyone know how fantastic your products are by collecting reviews to help promote popular products.

Facebook Storefront

Add your products to the most popular website in the world by creating a FREE Facebook storefront.

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Horrific FX

G o o o g l e www.your store.com your store product your about pageyour special offers
Website Optimization

google ready

How did we ever survive before Google? Everybody "Googles" everything these days! So we make sure your store is prepped and fully aligned with all of Google's services and products.

We make sure it's set up correctly and we submit your store and its data to the world's largest search engine. This ensures that you can start attracting traffic and sales from day one!

seo features


We make it easy for you to post important and exciting news about your store to the worlds busiest social media website. Sales will follow.


Tweet about new products and sales promotions to your Twitter followers. Generate Twitter sales at the click of a button.

Google +

Drum up sales and keep your Google circles updated with all the latest and greatest news about your store.


Easily add your Instagram gallery to your store. This can be used to promote products and showcase customer purchases.

Google Ready

Your store is built from the ground up to be aligned with the world's largest search engine.

Webmaster Tools

Link your Google Webmaster account to your store to get feedback from Google on how your store is performing.

"We love our website, we get loads of business from it!"

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analytics & reporting features

With a Freewebstore store you get an abundance of data and reports. So you can keep a real-time eye on your empire and see how your store is performing minute by minute.

Track data such as visitors, page views, popular products, product searches, hot categories, biggest referring websites and much more. See when and how often your store is crawled by those magical mystical search engine spiders such as GoogleBot, YahooSeeker and BingBot.

We also show you all your search engine visits. So you can see which visitors come to your store from which search engines and you can even see what they searched for. As if that wasnt enough we also give you detailed sales graphs so you can see how your profits are growing over time!

hosting features

Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage
Cloud Based
Automatic Backups

Here to Help


Here at freewebstore we pride ourselves on our brilliant support offered to all customers on all packages. Worldclass support from the people who built it. 99.99% tickets answered in 24 hours. Help Guides Video Tutorials

Build your very own

store builder

For the creatively gifted we have the freewebstore Store Builder! Freewebstore have hundreds of designs but some users may want to create their very own. Use the freewebstore Store Builder to build your perfect store design from the ground up to your exact specifications. Get full HTML and CSS access to create the store of your dreams. For advanced users only.

future proof

eCommerce moves pretty quickly. New ideas and technologies are tried and tested all the time. Whether it is deliveries by drones, robot-powered customer service, mind control product editing or blink activated checkout; freewebstore will be there to make your store bigger and better (with more lasers!). Trust us to guide you and let's see what the future brings.