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10 Things You Must Know Before You Start Dropshipping



We are all aware of the immense influence of technology in numerous spheres of our lives. These days there are a variety of options for young and optimistic entrepreneurs whether seeking guidance or looking for strategies to dive in the sea of endless opportunities. Among these options happen to be a type among eCommerce businesses known as Dropshipping.

It is a supply chain management in which the vendor acts as a middleman receiving and dispatching the desired goods from the supplier to the receiver respectively. 

Dropshipping business requires little investment and effort for its initiation but once that’s done, it has to be tended to frequently since a large portion of the business depends on developing and maintaining contact with various suppliers and customers to consider their needs and demands.

Dropshipping is a type of business that requires significant effort and patience from the investor along with necessary business strategies to ensure its success.

In this article, we are going to consider 10 things that every entrepreneur must keep in her mind before investing in this business to be sure to stick till the end. 

1 – Narrow down your niche: A niche store is the one which can be distinguished among other stores based on the products it is selling. Coming up with a unique idea about the products that you are going to sell will indeed attract a notable audience. It also narrows down your competition significantly since you are only left with a small number of other stores that are selling the same kind of products that your store offers.

2 – Appropriate choice of products: Give considerable thoughts to the type of products whose shipment and supply ensure minimal risk and probability of customer dissatisfaction. Avoid supplying fragile, heavy, and technically complex products since it is highly likely that a mishap might happen during their shipment or the user might not get fully satisfied by their quality as shown on the website.

3 – Choosing the right supplier: Choosing an authentic supplier for your niche products is quite an essential step in starting a Dropshipping business. Look for a supplier that offers the following services.

  • High-quality products
  • Diverse inventory
  • Quality product photos
  • Accessible customer service

Provides fast shipping. Selecting the right supplier not only ensures the supply of high-quality products but also it increases the sales of those products accelerates customer demands. While it is possible to contact a wholesale supplier directly, it is always easy to use a Dropshipping service.

4 – Building a user-friendly website: In this business customer’s wants and needs matter a lot and taking all the measures possible to maintain the trust and comfort of users is necessary and making a website optimized for user’s needs is important part. Make sure that the description and pictures of the products are up to date and of high quality. Adding trust badges can help a lot in building customers’ trust. 

5 – Choosing your domain: Most beginners take this step lightly. Although it is a crucial step it also determines the prominence of your website for future deals. Most trustworthy domains go with “.com” and it’s not easy to find such ones. It is vital if your domain name goes with or has a resemblance to your niche product; nevertheless, it should be quite short and should go easy with the tongue. 

6 – SEO holds key importance: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) holds significant importance in the growth and fame of your website. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the role of SEO in their businesses. SEO remains the most efficient way to drive traffic to your online store.

7 – Returning goods:  There will eventually come a time when you are going to have to either replace or return a certain product(s). Your return policy should be flexible. Ideally, your supplier will accept the return of the goods and will return your credit but if it does not then you are going to have to swallow some charges.

8 – Secure payment ways: As mentioned above, trust is the most important thing in the growth of this business. When it comes to payment methods many things should be considered. Determine the area within which you are going to confine your supply. Make sure that the payment gateway of the supplier is available in that region and most importantly make sure that your Dropshipping store accepts PayPal payments.

9 – Automate your business: Once you have enacted all the major steps successfully, it is time to showcase your products where it can catch peoples’ eyes. Social media works best for this purpose through ads of various products. There are also other measures to be taken to automate your business like sending confirmation emails and regular updates to customers and so on.

10 – Keep an eye on the competition: Every Dropshipping business, in its initiation, experiences immense competition. Numerous sites are selling the same products and the requirement of profit causes the prices to touch rock bottom. For these reasons, it is necessary to keep a wary eye on the competition and opt for tricks that help your business stand out.

If you have come this far, I am pretty sure that you would have been acquainted by the basics of Dropshipping business and the necessary know-how for starting it. It should be kept in mind that the Dropshipping business is a tough one and requires a lot of effort on a low margin scale. Still, every business requires hard work and devotion in its initial stages for it to flourish and by following the steps mentioned above, you can fulfill all your entrepreneur dreams.