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QR code is another part of marketing strategy. It helps your customer to get involves with your product with ease & quick. Use QR codes in print, online or email to generate customer interest and drive more traffic.

Blexz’s QR code generator helps you to generate QR code for web address, phone, email address & download instantly on your computer which is ready to use anytime anywhere.

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What is QR code?

Its looks like a barcode as you saw almost everywhere now a days specially on any consumer products. It’s a code that human eye can’t read in general but can be read by bar code scanner device or just from your Android, IOS phone using any simple QR code scanner.

I need to be a blexz user to use this tool?

Absolutely not. It is a public tool developed by blexz team & available for public use without any restrictions. User do not even need to login into blexz account to use it.

What is the common idea to use it for marketing?

You can basically put it in any printing goods you print on behalf of your company. You can use it in flyers, business card, billboards, email, website, and many more

Is it free to use?

Yes. Its completely free to use for anyone no matters whether blexz user or not.